BSNL Bharat AirFibre Plans

BSNL Bharat AirFibre Plans

BSNL Bharat AirFibre Plans for all India with New Tariff

Find the new tariff plans introduced for BSNL Bharat AirFibre service for offering Broadband and Voice services provided through Radio Broadband Service Providers (RBSP) in all the circles on PAN India…

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has introduced a new technology for Rural Areas of India through Bharat AirFibre service with new tariff, and this service is brought to most of the gram panchayats in India for an extremely reasonable price.

The State-Owned telecom industry offers high speed internet data with a single plan for all three major services, i.e. Internet Data, Calling Features and TV service is available under monthly plan of Bharat Air Fiber.

AirFiber Plan NameSpeed with FUP Limit upon Technical FeasibilityMonthly Charges in Rs
3GB CUL8Mbps till 3GB/day, after 1Mbps499
4GB CUL10Mbps till 3GB/day, after 2Mbps599
5GB CUL10Mbps till 5GB/day, then 2Mbps699
Superstar 300 with free Hotstar (DSL)10Mbps till 300GB/month, then 2Mbps749
12GB CUL10Mbps till 12GB/day, then 2Mbps899
Super Star 500 with Hotstar Premium (DSL)10Mbps till 500GB/month, then 2Mbps949
22GB CUL10Mbps till 22GB/day, then 2Mbps1299
25GB CUL10Mbps till 25GB/day, thereafter 4Mbps1599
30GB CUL10Mbps till 30GB/day, then 4Mbps1849
35GB CUL10Mbps till 35GB/day, thereafter 4Mbps2349
Superstar 300 with Free Hotstar (FTTH)50Mbps till 300GB/month, then 2Mbps749
600GB CUL50Mbps till 600GB/month, then 2Mbps849
Super Star 500 with Hotstar Premium(FTTH)50Mbps till 500GB/month, then 24Mbps949
750GB Plan100Mbps till 750GB/month, then 2Mbps1277
33GB CUL100Mbps till 33GB per day, then 4Mbps1999
40GB CUL100Mbps till 40GB/day, then 4Mbps2499
55GB CUL100Mbps till 55GB/day, then 4Mbps4499
80GB Plan100Mbps till 80GB/day, then 6Mbps5999
120GB Plan100Mbps till 120GB/day, then 8Mbps9999
170GB Plan100Mbps till 170GB/day, then 10Mbps16999

Terms & Conditions for BSNL Bharat AirFibre Plans

  • Customer Premises equipment (CPE) such as RF receiver, RF Modem & other equipments including UPS, Power supply, Signal booster, pole /mast , racks , Space, cabling etc shall be responsibility of RBSP Partner.
  • The compatible customer premises equipment shall be supplied by the RBSP Partner to the customer directly.
  • The cost of the CPE and Post sale obligation in respect of CPE shall rest with Partner.
  • CPEs billed through BSNL to Govt institutions and central/state government PSU, BSNL shall retain 10% as collection margin on the realized amount.
  • BSNL shall pass-on remaining 90% amount to the partner against monthly invoices raised by bidder, after deduction of statutory levies/ license fee etc as applicable.
  • One time installation charges as per prevailing tariff plan shall be kept by BSNL.
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